Why product photography

Online commerce has long been ahead of offline in many directions, so it is important to find unique custom approach to presenting your product to your buyer. It acquires even bigger significance since, often, a customer does not have the opportunity to touch, smell, stroke, or turn. Only “look” is available, that is why your product look should encompass all these unique facets and provoke the desire to possess it.

Whether it is artistic or catalog shooting of goods, post-processing or complete retouching – we will find out all these nuances by diving in your specific business needs and your very idea before I take on your order.

As a professional, I value high-quality images of goods and I take pleasure in creating them myself 💙

Product Photos

Just buying a professional camera does not automatically mean your online shop gets its cutting edge. The photo on the left is exactly the case. A client of mine approached me with a task to work some magic over as “simple objects” as glass. The photo on the right, which was my demo gift to him,  has turned all the cards, and my client reconsidered the importance of the soul behind the simple glass.

Once you know how it all should come across, you can no longer do with a little.

Photo retouch

You can only imagine how difficult it was to take a photo in the not too distant past. It was a valuable opportunity available to a limited few.  Nowadays it is all different, yet our memories are hard to be put a price tag on. If you have an old fragile family photo or an album and you seek to preserve those precious memories of yours, I will be happy to assist. The top-notch technologies in experienced hands allow bringing back those very memories to be passed on from generation to generation.

Change or remove a background

Very popular and one of my favorite tasks. Wish to save a moment, but the location is not quite suitable? The main hero  of your photo is in the spotlight but the background is not homogeneous or the wrong shade? My skills in Adobe Photoshop can easily cope with the replacement of the unlucky details or background. Catch your unique unforgettable moment, all the rest will be taken care of:)

Defect removal

Dust, dried droplets, villi, prints and much more accidentally encroaches on your photo? Not a problem! Using similar areas in texture, I can easily save the object from all sorts of flaws. Your potential buyers don’t want to buy dust, they want a picture perfect right from their head. Show them that your product is perfect.


Want a banner to be effective? With finger-to-sky queries, it’s strange to expect exactly what you want, right? Put a sense, an idea into it, attach your wishes and send to my Email. When there is a message to convey or a concept to visualize,   your personalized banner will ensure a higher conversion.

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