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If the placement allows you to choose between photos, graphics and video, then you should opt for video. Watching a video about a product, about services, about business in general is still the most realistic and convenient format for users to perceive.  A video review of a product or a video presentation receives many times more responses and audience emotion than static images.
Due to this demand for video efficiency, I have an impressive number of sophisticated tools for editing it. Selecting an object, deleting or toying with the background, adjusting the mood of the video, adding your brand logo or just the color scheme play on the same video can completely change your customers’ perception.

Color Correction + Effects

Color and light correction: basic and stylistic, as well as the addition of special effects to the video. The audience loves a show, but you aren’t really going to blow up a car or a building to reach your sales targets. Professional special effects and high-quality installation can make it so much better, and definitely more budget-friendly!
Special effects, color correction

Delete item from video

Does your video contain completely unnecessary objects? Not a problem, and the smaller the object, the more discreet the changes will be.
Deleting items in a video

Transitions, effects and adding audio

Sometimes your video needs more than just a background music score. Perhaps, you wish to add several audio tracks: background music and voice with explanations or calls to action. The text can be in the form of text or images, for example, a company logo and text with a promotional offer and your action button.
Video, text, and audio overlay




Add logo


Video Presentations

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